October 29, 2014

6 Camping Tips and Tricks

Tired of the same old camping food and want to try something new? Or looking for an easier  way to pack for camping? Here are some new ideas and useful tips:

What is better than cooking over a campfire? No mess, no fuss. A fun dessert idea is campfire cones. You can make them into anything you want, just need a cone and your favourite ingredients! Some of our favourtes are chocolate, marshmallows, fruit, or even chocolate bars! Just take an ice cream cone, stuff it with all the good stuff, wrap it in foil, and put it the fire until it’s all gooey and perfect! Be careful, it’s hot and messy!

Another great, simple dessert idea is to just take an oreo, twist it apart, roast a marshmallow and put it inside along with any type of chocolate, put the lid back on it and enjoy.

A good dessert for the adults is to dip a roasted marshmallow into baileys, sound pretty good doesn’t it! 

Wanting to get out fishing and need a quick an easy breakfast without a messy cleanup? Clean out a finished ketchup bottle, make your pancake batter, and pour it into the bottle. You’ll get perfect pancakes every time! 

An easy way to avoid broken eggs, and messy shells is to crack all your eggs into a bottle before you leave home. A 16 ounce bottle will carry 8-9 large eggs. Saves time so you have more time to cook the bacon! 

Tired of those pesky mosquitos? Add a bundle of sage to your campfire and it will help to keep them at bay.