Headwaters Family Camp is available for purchase. Contact us for details.


What we have been up to

We are very excited about our second year of owning and running Headwaters. We are even more excited about all the work and changes we’ve made this past year to improve the cabins and camp.  We have completely overhauled our outhouses, we now have very 'spiffy biffies’!  Cabins 1,2,3,7 & 9 all...
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Reintroducing the New Headwaters

Ed and Vicki Smith are the new owners and operators of Headwaters Family Camp Ltd. We are making some exciting new changes, in the next couple of years.  Improvements to all the cabins, outhouses, and shower house, will be ongoing. Headwaters Family Camp has 14 sites, we want to encourage all campers to come and check us out.  Whether...
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Things to do near Headwaters

If you enjoy being outside, you’ve come to the right place! There are tons of trails that are in and around Headwaters Lake for you to explore. Boats you can rent to take a paddle around the lake to see what you can’t by foot or to just take in the serenity of being on the lake. Also, a lot of things to do nearby. The beautiful...
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6 Camping Tips and Tricks

Tired of the same old camping food and want to try something new? Or looking for an easier  way to pack for camping? Here are some new ideas and useful tips: What is better than cooking over a campfire? No mess, no fuss. A fun dessert idea is campfire cones. You can make them into anything you want, just need a cone and your favourite...
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